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Bonus boxset material tracklisting.


01. Angel
02. Bird
03. Jelly
04. Manta
05. Shell

Boxset vinyl

01. Amon Tobin & Noisia 'Sunhammer' (VIP Version)
02. Noisia 'Machine Gun' (Amon Tobin Remix)
03. Eskamon 'Fine Objects'
04. Dark Road
05. Overforces
06. Hesperium
07. Stupid IDM'z
08. Piece Of Paper (Extra Interpretation by Matthew Bourne & Sam Hobbs)
09. Surge (Pete Wareham Extended Translation)
10. Surge (Extended Cover by Julia Kent)

Taxidermia Score

01. Chase
02. Blood Sweat and More Blood
03. Taxidermia
04. Run
05. Bath Scene (Here Comes The Moon Man)
06. Rural Soldiers
07. Introducing The Son
08. Factory Training

Frank Riggio ISAM remixes

01. Journeyman (Frank Riggio Remix)
02. Piece Of Paper (Frank Riggio Remix)
03. Goto 10 (Frank Riggio Remix)
04. Surge (Frank Riggio Adaptation 1)
04. Surge (Frank Riggio Adaptation 2)
04. Surge (Frank Riggio Adaptation 3)
04. Surge (Frank Riggio Adaptation 4)
05. Lost & Found (Frank Riggio Remix)
06. Wooden Toy (Frank Riggio Remix)
07. Mass & Spring (Frank Riggio Remix)
08. Calculate (Frank Riggio Remix)
09. Kitty Cat (Frank Riggio Remix)
10. Bedtime Stories (Frank Riggio Remix)
11. Night Swim (Frank Riggio Remix)
12. Dropped From The Sky (Frank Riggio Remix)
13. ISAM (Bonus Assemblage)
14. Saboteur vs ISAM (Bonus Assemblage 2)