Life... (is the name of the game...)

Life... (is the name of the game...)

Okay. So the McWhirter brothers had questionable right right politics, Roy Castle claimed to have got lung cancer through passive smoking in jazz clubs and the TV series now has that one from Bucks Fizz presenting it. Ouch. Nevertheless, the Guinness Book Of Records is cool. For one thing, it's got 'Guinness' in the title (mmm...) and for another it's full of freaks who spend their lives stuffing peas up their left nostril and suchlike. Which is radical body art, when you think about it funny and squint your eyes a little. So we are stunned and chuffed and all that to discover that Coldcut have made the 1999 edition of this classic tome for the singular feat of the most video remixes. Yes, 'Timber' had mixes from Hex, EBN, LPC, Clifford Gilberto and Gnomadic. Beat that, you plate-eating, mid-west stilt-walkers...

Dedication, oo-oo, dedication...

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