Selector Aims To Please

Selector Aims To Please

It seems that you all just can't get enough of the selector deal so without any further delays, here's the next instalment. This selector is a combination of big releases and others you may have missed, but come highly recommended. Its up to you how you pick and mix though. You should all know how this works by now, but just in case...choose any of the releases below for only £7.50 (yes thats cheap, but it gets better). If that doesn't tickle your fancy then buy 3 for £15 - even better. As always, this offer is on for a limited period so don't leave it too late to order.

The Herbaliser "Take London"Buy Here Ty "Upwards" Buy Here Bigg Jus "Black Mamba Serum v2.0" Buy Here Amon Tobin "Chaos Theory" Buy Here Poets Of Rhythm "Discern/Define" Buy Here Animals On Wheels "Designs And Mistakes" Buy Here

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The Herbaliser - 'Blow Your Headphones' Repress via Beat Delete

Fans of The Herbaliser will be pleased to hear that his 1997, second album, Blow Your Headphones, has been repressed on 2LP thanks to Beat Delete. Pick up a copy from the Ninjashop.

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Amon Tobin at Barbican's 'Digital Revolution' Exhibition

On 3 July London's Barbican opens its doors to the inaugural immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames showcasing work from Amon Tobin, Björk, Theo Parrish, to name a few - more info & tickets here.

Read More Ninja Heritage Release Month

Prepare for four weeks of heritage back catalogue releases over on our Learn more about receiving drip-fed digital music from us every month here.

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Solid Steel Radio 25-10-13 - DK, Marshall Jefferson, Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)

This week on Solid Steel DK opens the first hour before an exclusive Marshall Jefferson mix, followed by Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) and his 'War Of The Worlds' selection.

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Animals On Wheels, Amon Tobin and The Herbaliser Releases

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