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Straight outta Toxteth, Elliott Egerton made one of the rawest, funniest debuts of 2012 with "[sic]" - an album which showcased a uniquely intelligent, angry and hilarious wordsmith. With live shows which lurch between chaos and silver-tongued, quick fire brilliance, Egerton is a born MC, his delivery effortlessly moving between the funny and the furious, as he spins yarns and nails metaphors that make rap sound new again.

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Ninja Tune & Big Dada Curating Rizlab Stage at Bestival 2012

This weekend, Ninja Tune and Big Dada will be curating the Rizlab stage at Bestival.

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Big Dada Curating RizLab Stage at Bestival 2012

Ninja Tune & Big Dada Curating Rizlab Stage at Bestival 2012 // Free Bonobo Download

Ninja Tune and Big Dada will be curating the Rizlab stage at Bestival this September.

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Relive the Big Dada Boiler Room Takeover

Boiler Room are gradually archiving the sets from all of the artists who performed at the Big Dada takeover.

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  • "Horse burgers are new Coke, they just stopped the supply so we would demand it back ten fold cos we miss it"

    Fri Sep 12 17:30:39 2014
  • "Horse burgers are like that pill that has clearly got no mdma in but whatever else actually is in it is better"

    Fri Sep 12 17:30:14 2014
  • "I might boycott all meat products but not be a vegetarian, like a dormant volcano"

    Fri Sep 12 17:27:07 2014
  • "Could have saved me a few trips to Maccies over the years and made me a better person"

    Fri Sep 12 17:26:21 2014
  • "I've been boycotting many things for years not to my own knowledge, just found out there's a chippy by me nans hidden in the opposing estate"

    Fri Sep 12 17:25:29 2014

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