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  • "We all get the same 24 hrs in day. Some choose to bullshit and some choose to grind."

    Thu Jan 29 02:07:58 2015
  • "Push the Bar"

    Wed Jan 28 03:37:12 2015
  • "RT @killthenoise: It is impossible to get your point across on the Internet I'm convinced it's like wack-a-mole no matter what you are wron…"

    Tue Jan 27 13:38:25 2015
  • "RT @uncle_quincy: @Davidheartbreak seriously I don't talk to anyone and work from home. It's a great exercise in not losing your mind."

    Tue Jan 27 13:36:00 2015
  • "frosted flakes got me jumping like jordan. #goodnight"

    Tue Jan 27 12:45:07 2015

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