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  • "Music isn't getting better or worst, it's changing and evolving..."

    Fri Aug 29 02:24:51 2014
  • "RT @UnkleLoki: I have said several times that this is a must, once again Europe is ahead of us http://t.co/n4xrnDnn1w"

    Fri Aug 29 02:18:49 2014
  • "I need one of them bass packs now @alexyoungbased haha 🔊🔊🔊"

    Thu Aug 28 21:38:18 2014
  • "RT @Ookayx: Can we talk about how fucking good Chasing Pavements by Adele is?"

    Thu Aug 28 21:23:48 2014
  • "RT @Josh_TSIS: facebook is such a cesspool these days, I hate the fact I have to use it for communication with so many business contacts"

    Thu Aug 28 21:23:25 2014

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