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Kiki Ceac aka K-The-I??? is an MC and producer born in Cambridge, MA, but based in Los Angeles, California. Working with Mush Records, he released "Broken Love Letter" in 2006 before Big Dada released his next record, "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,"(produced by Thavius Beck) for the world outside the US. Kiki's most recent album, "Synesthesia," for Fake Four Inc, sees him producing instead of MCing.

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Thavius Beck 'Go!/Away' Out Today

Thavius Beck - Go!/Away

Dialogue day!

Thavius Beck - Dialogue


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  • "@OptimisGFN Kind of. Was waiting for my mom. She just walked in. I'm dipping this instant though. See you in a sec. Lol. Vortexing is real 👾"

    Sun Apr 26 23:50:04 2015
  • "Last year it was all Instagram Filters now everything is all SnapChat Filters. Haha. The filter work is clearly noticeable. Yes it is. Lol.🏂"

    Sun Apr 26 22:22:58 2015
  • "@weareInDepth ktheiisme@gmail.com awesome man. And thanks G."

    Sun Apr 26 22:18:59 2015
  • "@weareInDepth Thanks. When you get in contact with him hit me up so I could give you all the tour details. And again thanks homies."

    Sun Apr 26 21:33:52 2015
  • "#NowPlaying "The Ecstatic Static" by Stereolab from Chemical Chords One of my favorite tracks for sure. It just … http://t.co/THwM9MVvVC"

    Sun Apr 26 01:59:12 2015

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