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  • "@hehboy a cry will drain me & then I shud maybe be able to sleep. Ain't got any Nytols to just lock me off for a few hours. Oh well. Lol"

    Mon Sep 22 00:03:22 2014
  • "@hehboy 😊"

    Mon Sep 22 00:00:35 2014
  • "@hehboy nah I'm not okay. But I deserve not to be okay , so it's cool.... Thanks for askin tho... Appreciate it xx"

    Sun Sep 21 23:57:15 2014
  • "So for real... Peace out Twitter ✌️"

    Sun Sep 21 23:55:05 2014
  • "Tweeting ain't gonna allow me sleep anyway. So that's pointless. I'm feeling super stressed at this precise moment. I deserve it."

    Sun Sep 21 23:54:40 2014

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