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Tony Simon AKA Blockhead was born and raised in Downtown Manhattan, in New York City. The son of an artist, he found a fondness for music at a young age. In particular, he fell in love with Hip Hop. In his early teens he began penning rhymes and eventually was part of a group called The Overground with a bunch of his friends. While he loved rapping, he also always had an interest in the musical side of things so he would soon abandon his dreams of being a rapper for being the man who made the beats. This was a wise choice.

Eventually, he and his friend Aesop Rock would meet and begin to make music together and release it on the internet. In 2000, Aesop's album Float was released on Mush Records and quickly propelled both Aesop and Blockhead into notoriety. After that, Blockhead released a breakbeat album on Mush called Blockhead's Broke Beats.

After a few years more years of making beats for rappers, Blockhead put out his first solo instrumental record on Ninja Tune records , titled Music by Cavelight. This was the first of four critically acclaimed albums he has since released on the UK based label.

He also was one half of the comedy rap duo Party Fun Action Committee, which was released on Definitive Jux records in 2003.

As well as making solo albums and working with Aesop, blockhead has also worked with artists like Murs, Slug, Mike Ladd, Cage, Open Mike Eagle, Maclethal, SA Smash, Isaiah Toothtaker, Illogic and others.

Blockhead has also been busy touring the last 8 years with groups like Aesop Rock, Dj Cam, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Kid Koala, Cold Cut,  Emancipator, and many others.

Currently, he's finsishing up a bevy of projects , including a new solo album Interludes After Midnight (His fifth album on Ninja Tune), and looking forward to releasing all that new music to the public in the near future.

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Blockhead - 'Interludes After Midnight' Out Now

Blockhead's fifth album Interludes After Midnight is out today on 2LP, CD (both available with a bonus 7" vinyl) and download.

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Blockhead - 'Interludes After Midnight' Out 30 April

With Interludes After Midnight, Blockhead proudly presents his fifth LP, released 30 April on Ninja Tune.

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FaltyDL Interviews Blockhead for Juno Download

FaltyDL recently interviewed Blockhead at length for Juno Download, discussing the similarities and contrasts between the pair's musical styles and histories, the wider industry in general, and new artists coming up.

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  • "In case you missed it, step into the ridiculous world of uber facts. Facts that are not at all facts."

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  • "@THEKIDMERO Bro, everyone was sucking those off to me. when I finally had them I was "Ehhhhh". They're good but who cares?"

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