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cLOUDDEAD was a trio consisting of Dose One, why? and Odd Nosdam, loosely affiliated to Anticon. The three of them got together in a variety of apartments in Cincinatti and the Bay Area in 2000 and recorded material for six ten inch singles, each track six minutes long. They invited in guests including Mr Dibbs, Sole, DJ Signify, Illogic and the Bay Area Animals. Lacking a sequencer, the whole thing was layered up on an eight track. The 10"s were released by Mush, heard by Big Dada, and their first, eponymous, album was released by the two labels. 

 A second album, "Ten," was released in 2004, after which the group disbanded to pursue a variety of other projects. Their only release not tied directly to these two records was a "Peel Sessions" 10".

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