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  • "trust. http://t.co/U7Gaoi5ndl"

    Tue Oct 13 17:15:11 2015
  • "its 7 am and I just got to the studio... One of them type of days. Getting ready to make some next level shit.. based god bless your boy.."

    Tue Oct 13 11:17:02 2015
  • "This weekend was so amazing in GR! Didn't have my phone, so drop your pix or vids, tks HBK"

    Mon Oct 12 20:01:14 2015
  • "Cold AF right now in Michigan, but I'm going to warm em up tonight..."

    Sat Oct 10 20:34:02 2015
  • "Go Hard or Go Home"

    Sat Oct 10 14:03:50 2015

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