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Kiki Ceac aka K-The-I??? is an MC and producer born in Cambridge, MA, but based in Los Angeles, California. Working with Mush Records, he released "Broken Love Letter" in 2006 before Big Dada released his next record, "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,"(produced by Thavius Beck) for the world outside the US. Kiki's most recent album, "Synesthesia," for Fake Four Inc, sees him producing instead of MCing.

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Thavius Beck 'Go!/Away' Out Today

Thavius Beck - Go!/Away

Dialogue day!

Thavius Beck - Dialogue


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  • "@howling_mask Haha. I blame it on them for sure."

    Sat Aug 01 10:38:15 2015
  • "@howling_mask Just a little today lol"

    Sat Aug 01 10:07:50 2015
  • "That moment when you wake up and just don't know. Yup today is that day. I just don't know!!! Haha. May the earth guide me. 🚹 ⬅️↙️⬇️↘️➡️"

    Sat Aug 01 10:03:22 2015
  • "@TheBurninGiraph Me too lol"

    Sat Aug 01 08:40:23 2015
  • "RT @TheBurninGiraph: Was gonna, but http://t.co/Mpu9vbMiyF"

    Sat Aug 01 08:40:10 2015

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