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  • "@FERALisKINKY congrats again tho on ur label hope it all goes brilliant which I'm sure it will 😊 xx"

    Fri Nov 21 21:39:55 2014
  • "@FERALisKINKY 😊😊😊< see? 😂😂😂"

    Fri Nov 21 21:39:25 2014
  • "@FERALisKINKY I've had all of those agents and managers .Pros and cons lol! I've created a team and still under construction = happier Chann"

    Fri Nov 21 21:39:09 2014
  • "@FERALisKINKY I was born to be a boss 😂not to be bossed 🔊🔊🔊🔊 #DunDem"

    Fri Nov 21 21:32:22 2014
  • "@FERALisKINKY @SQUIRTRECORDS congrats! Nah it doesn't mean less hype, I've never been signed and hypes been about. U create ur own hype"

    Fri Nov 21 21:31:56 2014

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