Feel It! / Bounce

Mr. Scruff
Feel It! / Bounce


Released 03/10/2011

The scruffalicious Sexpot of the Stockpot returns with another rum punch of housy, funky deepness in which the filthy, the furious and those in need of a brew will swim like little fishes in search of Our Lord. 

“Feel It!” has a rhythm designed by Long John Silver’s wooden leg, a bit of ghostly moaning from Hammer Horror’s lost disco classic, “Across The Moor To Studio 54,” some of the finest one-handed keyboard playing ever left unquantised, plus choppy, soulful vox for those moments when only waving your outstretched index finger and thumb right in front of your nose will do. “Bounce,” on the other hand, has some of the finest one-handed keyboard playing ever left unquantised since “Feel It!” and a thumpier, most insistent build, that goes all polyrhythmic and hypnotic and quite subtly, shimmeringly brilliant on yer. 

After some of his jazzier work-outs, this latest release showcases a new, stripped-back, buff Mr Scruff, all six-pack and tremendous abs, a bearded wonder of northern manliness.

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