Film Burn

Film Burn


Released 26/03/2012

Joe Corrales Jr. aka Yppah (pronounced “yippah”) returns with the first single from his forthcoming third album, Eighty One.

A beautiful, warm and almost nostalgic piece of music-making, "Film Burn” revolves around heartbeat kick, a music box chord sequence, bubbles of electric bass and the voice of Anomie Belle, a singer, producer and classically trained violinist based in Seattle. The pair met when Yppah was touring with Bonobo in 2010, hit it off and, when Belle heard the demos which would make up Eighty One, in the words of Yppah, “it was such a natural fit she ended up doing four tracks!”

Remix duties are taken care of by man-of-the-moment Kwes., who re-imagines the tune as layer upon layer of arpeggiated longing. The single is completed by “Her Star Won’t Shine,” a new track not included on the album, the kind of wide-screen hip-hop-post-rock which, if it were a little less heartfelt and loveable, wouldn’t sound of place on a Go! Team record. 

Beautiful, uplifting and imbued with a natural, unaffected warmth that cuts through the most biting cold, Film Burn is the perfect taster for Eighty One, Yppah’s most satisfying work yet.

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