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  • "@hitmansonline And if dem nar dweet soh? Dem fi get dash like frisbee 🔊🔊🔊😂 skyyyyyyy!!!!!"

    Sat Dec 20 21:13:30 2014
  • "Yo @hitmansonline I see the tweet earlier ... Yes man, Season Beans (baked beans) I put Skellion in aswell, paprika and black pepper 😂🙌"

    Sat Dec 20 20:52:11 2014
  • "Just hold position #CFC"

    Sat Dec 20 18:24:31 2014
  • "Grime 'wernt for them any more ' Well it didn't work over where they went , and now Grime is for them again yh? Smh.. #Frauds"

    Sat Dec 20 17:30:42 2014
  • "All these artists that for signed in the US ... Now I see em back, and on AKA. lol! *rolls eyes* I remember how hype they were movin aswell"

    Sat Dec 20 17:24:49 2014

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