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Peel back a layer of smog from the LA sky and fold yourself into the blanket of haze. The golden half-light catches glimmers that pass by most eyes. Up here, there are treasures for those who tune in. Matthewdavid operates In this magnetic cocoon, unspooling magic radiance. His music reflects beautiful, fleeting moments and magnifies them. Matthewdavid's compositions float like crackling clouds, antenna amplifying the dreams of the city below. 

Matthewdavid is a man who builds with warm tones. He travels new paths gathering sounds to enhance the intricate dimensions of his creations. It was this hunt for inspired trails and blazing progress that pulled him to California. Matthewdavid made the move from southern states and was immediately embraced by the Los Angeles community. A willowy figure with wide smiles, his gentle presence and generous talents made him a welcome addition to internationally applauded LA creative circles: dublab, Poo-Bah, Low End Theory and Brainfeeder. Constant collaboration with these collectives helped inspire Matthewdavid to a build a platform of his own. His Leaving Records label has an ear to the next and an eye on the original. Through all these outlets Matthewdavid is dedicated to sharing elevated sounds and visions.

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Matthewdavid - New Album 'In My World' Forthcoming on Brainfeeder

Matthewdavid has announced a new album, In My World, to be released 30 June (EU) / 1 July (NA) on Brainfeeder - stream the title track now at Pitchfork

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Brainfeeder - Worldwide Awards & Download Sampler

Brainfeeder were named 'Label of the Year' at the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards on 21 January, and to say thanks to everyone that voted, they're giving away a free 12-track sampler of tracks.

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Matthewdavid - 'Outmind' Out Now Worldwide

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  • "RT @Busdriverr: #Matthewdavid @LEAVINGRECORDS 's next album is without question my absolute shit. Here's the opener 'in My World' https://t…"

    Fri Apr 18 21:19:43 2014
  • "RT @dublab: . @leavingrecords @NERFTOSS - Spirit Advantage (side A) -"

    Fri Apr 18 21:00:10 2014
  • "RT @tinymixtapes: ♫ Listen: @LeavingRecords rereleases Dakim’s ‘DDUST REGOS’ on tape in a second edition of 250"

    Fri Apr 18 15:06:24 2014
  • "RT @BRAINFEEDER: Matthewdavid - In My World by BRAINFEEDER via #soundcloud"

    Fri Apr 18 14:59:28 2014
  • "RT @adhocfm: Reclusive producer Dakim pops his head back out for new CS on @LEAVINGRECORDS Check two excerpts:"

    Thu Apr 17 17:50:36 2014

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