Released 09/04/2012

Mr S. Lugabed of SLUGABED ENTERPRISES PLC, presents the soundtrack to your nights of digital pleasure-seeking - SEX. Place this single in your hungry slot and feel the warm vibrations of his synth reach rhythm spots you didn't even know you had.

Combining a love of funk, prog, odd-house and computers that can tug themselves off, Slugabed continues to make some of the most uncategorisable, joyful-melancholic dance music around. "Sex" is a case in point, warm, witty and infectious, with enough going on in its trunk to keep you moving. "Molecules", meanwhile, breaks Steve Winwood down into his constituent bytes and rebuilds him as a monument to quantum bingotronics. Remix duties are taken care of by US-Edwardian Daedelus, who manages to insert a little of his own-brand hazy sunshine into proceedings, before Groundislava (straight outta the Cali glitch-hop scene) turns the tune into the sad scene from a video game about a lovelorn washing machine.

Slugabed is 22 year old Greg Feldwick. He will enter your dreams and make them dirty.

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