3 4 5

3 4 5


Released 18/04/2011

After the critical success of Everyone I Ever Met, their debut album for Counter Records, Spokes return with latest single, “3 4 5”, the kind of burst of euphoric “choral indie” (Clash) that had Q proclaim that “Spokes seem destined to make waves.” A building, emotional epic that began life as an “acoustic shanty,” it showcases once again the unique aesthetic and wide-eyed seriousness that make Spokes stand out so far from a drab crowd. There’s even a director’s cut of the tune, giving full rein to the band’s emotional playing and weighing in at almost seven minutes!

Remixing duties are kicked off by Grasscut, who give the beat a bit of electronic snap while Marcus Odair cuts loose in Jaco Pastorius mode on the bass. Liverpool’s Capac give the melody more space, cloaking it in melancholy and slatherings of sub-bass. Hiatus takes the bucolic earthiness of the original and transplanting it to dark, damp city streets.

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