Boom Blast

Boom Blast


Released 30/01/2012

Wiley builds up to the birthday release of his new album, Evolve Or Be Extinct, with the club smasher "Boom Blast". Produced by Most Wanted Mega, "Boom Blast" sees Wiley spitting pure party lyrics over a low-slung, bass-led groove. With enough vocal hooks to keep an angler in fish for a decade, this is perhaps the most immediate tune from the Godfather of Grime™ since "Rolex", three minutes thirty of energy and good humour.

The package is completed by three excellent remixes. Herner Werzog takes the tune into housier territory, giving things a distinctly cartoonish feel, whereas Sticky hardens up the funk and gives Wiley the disco work-out of his life. Wiley's loyal soldier Alex D comes with the crunch-funk in a superb electronic reinterpretation.

Evolve Or Be Extinct is perhaps WIley's most complete album to date, showing many facets of his fascinating and at times contradictory character. It will be released on Thursday 19 January because that's Wiley's birthday and that's what he wanted. Go figure.

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