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Born in Leicester in 1972, Simon Begg grew up in Leamington Spa before moving to London in 1991. He studied at Trinity school and Mid Warwickshire college, where he didn't study anything much, because he was too busy mucking around with reel to reels, radios, guitars and drum kits in his parents basement. So began the life and work of Si Begg.

Hunting out anything peculiar or odd from second hand record shops in Leamington Spa, (a habit he still practises) Si was messing around in bands from an early age. Introduced to early Chicago acid through listening to John Peel, Si eventually put down the guitar and drums to pick up on the more electronic side of music. Mix tapes from the nearby Eclipse club (home to Doc Scott) filtered up to Si's home town consolidating that interest in electronica, leading him into worshipping bands such as Warp's LFO.

He has been a solo artist recording professionally since 1993 (also recording very un-professionally before then) gaining experience through engineering live sound and studio engineering. Also keeping him busy are two record labels, Mosquito which he Si co-runs with techno artist Christian Vogel and Noodles which he runs by himself.

He has recorded three albums to date as well as many 12's and remixes, working under different pseudonyms (purely for contractual reasons) such as: Buckfunk 3000, Cabbage Boy, Bigfoot, Dr Nowhere vs The Maverick DJ. His work is pretty damn eclectic covering a lot of ground, but always maintaining an attitude of experimentalism and cross-genre inter-breeding.

Not content with just being a recording artist he also performs live and has been DJing for the last five years in the U.K and Europe, playing well known clubs, such as the Tresor club in Berlin, the Blue Note, etc. He currently has two residencies in London - Big Beat Boutique at the Scala and Freakin the Frame @ The End.

The press have received his work enthusiastically and Si Begg is renowned for his originality, innovation and downright funkiness in the world of electronic music and dance.

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