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Fascinated by Balinese Gamelan and Steve Reich, Elan Tamara makes music as uncategorisable, as heartfelt and beautifully otherworldly as anything you’re likely to hear. She has carved out a space so unique and unclassifiable that people have fallen back on namechecking other female artists with a distinctive aesthetic and outlook – Kate Bush, Bjork, Joanna Newsom and their ilk. Needless to say, she doesn’t sound like them, either. Her first two EPs were released on producer Kwes' Bokkle imprint, her third on Big Dada. With a voice that can be smooth and calming or raging and hurt, Tamara pulls long vocal lines and next level harmonies over the syncopated minimalism of her piano playing. As well as her own music, she worked in DELS' live band in 2011 and with Kwes live from 2012 onward.

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Offshore - Two London Gigs This Weekend

Offshore will play two shows in London this weekend - first up is Top Nice at Hoxton's The White Horse on Friday 14th October, followed by Open Sauce at The Silver Bullet on Saturday 15th.

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DELS - Live at XOYO, London 6 October

DELS is playing London's XOYO with a full live band as part of his UK/EU tour on 6 October.

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Big Dada Live @ Big Chill House TONIGHT - FREE ENTRY

Big Dada Live @ Big Chill House this Friday - FREE ENTRY

This Friday finds Big Dada Records holding court at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross, London, with entry costing you absolutely nothing all night long.

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  • "@JammesDean @DariaWithBraids 😭 lol"

    Sun Aug 31 17:14:08 2014
  • "Dude in st Paul's is a great harpist why waste that a talent by playing "my heart will go on" 😟"

    Sun Aug 31 17:12:40 2014
  • "@liamthatcher Watch it now"

    Thu Aug 28 08:08:25 2014
  • "RT @wotchers: Strikes me that SOMEONE should have ordered blast chillers for the tent this week #GBBO"

    Wed Aug 27 22:28:23 2014
  • "RT @oh_beth: There hasnt been a drama that big on bake off since that lady stole howard's custard last series #GBBO"

    Wed Aug 27 22:27:46 2014

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