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  • "Yo @jamieRodigan just blazing dem riddims u sent me ..They too mad.Let's stop fuckin around and get them ALL vocally ASAP now 😊🔊❤️ #DunDem"

    Fri Oct 09 16:02:06 2015
  • "@jamieRodigan yagga!!! 😊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊"

    Fri Oct 09 15:56:26 2015
  • "My mum really does deserve the world .Really she deserves the entire universe with the galaxies within it.She will always be looked after❤️"

    Fri Oct 09 15:55:51 2015
  • "Shouts out to Complex for covering my soundcloud premiere of new track…"

    Fri Oct 09 15:49:56 2015
  • "Big up @ToddlaT debuting my new tack from my #CorrupChannEP…"

    Fri Oct 09 15:49:18 2015

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