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  • "@FunkButcher 😂😂😂 on u buddy ❤️"

    Wed Sep 02 13:39:16 2015
  • "I don't know y some things happen or understand yeven But I praise The Most High or whoever created scenes like this"

    Wed Sep 02 13:35:42 2015
  • "😊🔊❤️RT @28hurtz: Paying homage this morn.. @ladychann is one of my faves..ɖơŋɬ ℘ıʂʂ ɧɛཞ ơʄʄ when we drop this tune"

    Wed Sep 02 12:49:22 2015
  • "Living in the capital city has it perks .. Born and bred here but dam the downfall is continuos traffic 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾"

    Wed Sep 02 12:40:07 2015
  • "People need 2kno that u love them&that u appreciate their presence on the Earth.Let ur loved 1s kno this by simply telling em2mozNotPromised"

    Wed Sep 02 12:28:04 2015

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