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Even if you've only just heard their name, you are sure to have already enjoyed a hard fruit or more of Zero dB's labour, whether one of their early 12" releases such as 'Come Party' or 'Click', or one of the many quality remixes that these went on to trigger demand for, by Truby Trio, Suba, Peace Orchestra, John Kong & Moonstarr, Grupo Batuque, Hexstatic, Original Soul Boy, Nicola Conte, Acme, Interfearance and even Sun Ra (co-mixed with Gilles Peterson). Or maybe you simply know them for the bleary head and weary body you were left with after a night out at one of the many parties they've stirred up around the globe? 

Zero dBoys Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock have been concocting a provocative, innovative and addictive brew of hard jazz, electro, latin, hip hop and house, laced throughout with their now signature dirty, heavy basslines. Their early cuts were nurtured by Chris' eclectic and experimental record label Fluid Ounce, which released their early 12"s as well as a compilation album of their remixes, 'Reconstruction'. Their debut artist album, 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' came out in Summer 2006.

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