The Bug


Released 12/08/2013

Always one to confront the grittier underbelly of the world, the man called Kevin Martin returns under his guise as The Bug, with the  2 x 10" Filthy EP. Kicking things off on an appropriate foot is everyone's favorite gap tooth grin sporting rapper from Detroit, the Adderall admiral himself, Danny Brown coming in with backing from King Midas Sound's Kiki Hitomi for the NSFW anthem "Freakshow"

Next up on the version is the recent club smashing monster that is "Dirty", as premiered via Kode 9's "Rinse 22" mix, smashed by Coki/Loefah at DMZ, relentlessly promoted by Mala and pegged as most heard track at this years Movement Festival in Detroit. Featuring long time Bug collaborator Flowdan... "Dirty, fuck that murky". Finally all the leaked radio rip demand can be filled. 

To round it off is a double hit of ''under mi skeng teng, mi under mi skeng teng'' madness. Daddy Freddy comes in hard on "Kill Them", while Flowdan has penned the ultimate live Bug battle cry anthem that is "Louder".

Add to this, the retina scorching, headf-ck, soundclash artwork, beautifully illustrated by Zeke Clough (Of Skull Disco fame..), and you have a mercilessly produced mindbomb.

All this is prep work for the forthcoming "Angels & Devils" full length... featuring the likes of Death Grips, Gonjasufi, Grouper, Warrior Queen, Inga Copeland, Flowdan, Daddy Freddy, and more. Also be on the lookout for the continuing Acid Ragga 7" series

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