Missed, Flipped & Skipped

Missed, Flipped & Skipped

Been a while since you checked out the Ninja back catalogue? Well we've unearthed quite a few old, rare, and previously sold out vinyl releases from the depths of the Ninja warehouse. So, if you didn't manage to get your hands on them first time round you may want to this time because there are only a limited amount of each. Here they are, quick...
The Herbaliser 'Remedies' Buy Here Clifford Gilberto 'I Was Young & Needed The Money' Buy Here UB&O 'One Colour Reflects Another' Buy Here UB&O 'Light Em Up Blow Em Out' Buy Here DJ Food 'Refried Food Pts. 1& 2' Buy Here Funki Porcini 'Love, Pussycats and Carwrecks' Buy Here Funki Porcini ' The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds' Buy Here LFA 'Flesh Eating Disco Zombies' Buy Here DJ Vadim 'USSR Reconstruction' Buy Here The Irresistable Force ' Its Tomorrow Already' Buy Here

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The Herbaliser - 'Blow Your Headphones' Repress via Beat Delete

Fans of The Herbaliser will be pleased to hear that his 1997, second album, Blow Your Headphones, has been repressed on 2LP thanks to Beat Delete. Pick up a copy from the Ninjashop.

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Solid Steel Radio - 15-08-14 - Dark Sky, DJ Food

This week Monkeytown residents Dark Sky open the show with an eclectic mix-down ahead of Solid Steel's very own DJ Food in Hour 2 - listen in.

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Solid Steel Radio 13-06-14 - Akkord, DJ Vadim

This week we welcome Houndstooth's very own Akkord with music from Cloud Boat, Andy Stott and Shackleton ahead of long-time Solid Steel affiliate DJ Vadim in the closing slot.

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Solid Steel Radio 31/01/14 - Eliphino, Jabru

Eliphino is our guest in Hour 1, with Jabru holding it down in Hour 2.

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DJ Food, DJ Vadim, Funki Porcini, The Herbaliser and Clifford Gilberto Releases

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