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We were going to tell everyone how excited we were to have signed Hot Sugar's forthcoming EP this week, but it seems he's as prolific a video maker as he is a musician, and he's done it for us.

Needless to say, we remain very excited. Hot Sugar makes thrilling, addictive electronic music out of sounds he generates from the world around him. That means there's some very weird, unusual and downright dangerous source material, but more on that later. For now, listen to the first track from the forthcoming The Roots album he produced  and watch him make a song from scratch, with his neighbours. Welcome aboard.

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Solid Steel Radio 01/06/2012 - Coldcut, Hyetal, DK

Hot Sugar - 'Coconut Powder' on MTV Hive

MTV Hive are streaming the track "Coconut Powder" from the debut Hot Sugar EP Moon Money.

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Hot Sugar - 'Moon Money' EP Out Now

The debut EP from Hot Sugar, Moon Money, is out now.

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Solid Steel Radio 4/5/2012 - Slugabed, Hot Sugar


  • "My friend's ex-girlfriend destroyed his Moped with an ax"

    Tue Oct 21 02:02:23 2014
  • "When I retire im moving to the slow-mo paradise in the background of karaoke videos"

    Tue Oct 21 01:43:21 2014
  • "Being alive is selfish"

    Mon Oct 20 21:17:02 2014
  • "I think I just hit the age where I wanna have a baby so it can grow up to roll weed for me"

    Mon Oct 20 06:46:37 2014
  • "A joke slash prank I played a few weeks ago backfired and now my friend's piano is full of spiders"

    Sun Oct 19 22:33:05 2014

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