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Kid A - 'BB Bleu' Out Now on Technicolour

Viriginia-based artist Kid A has just released her debut single BB Bleu on Technicolour and it's now available at the Ninjashop, on iTunes and Amazon

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Kid A - "BB Bleu" (Daedelus Remix) Giveaway

Head here to nab yourself a free track from Kid A, "BB Bleu" (Daedelus Remix), taken from the Virginia, USA based musical prodigy's forthcoming debut single BB Bleu.

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Kid A - Eliphino Remix & New Video at Dummy

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  • "Apparently Virginia is having a midlife crisis"

    Wed Aug 26 16:36:54 2015
  • "SHYAMALAN *Hype man voice*"

    Tue Aug 25 14:57:10 2015

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