Sort of Revolution

Sort of Revolution


Released 25/05/2009

Fin Greenall, aka Fink, is certainly one of the more understated of the world's 'singer-songwriters', relying on uncompromising quality of work and an astounding stage presence, rather than major label marketing budgets.

Following the 2006 release of debut LP 'Biscuits for Breakfast', and 2007's 'Distance and Time', 2009's self-produced 'Sort of Revolution' was his third album for Ninja Tune Records in as many years. Title track 'Sort of Revolution' opens the record over a falling chord sequence - painting a picture both melancholic and uplifting. 'Move On Me', co-written with John Legend and featuring the soul star on piano, taps into the broody and bluesier side of Fink's character, while 'Q&A' is an a-cappella based number inspired by classic D'Angelo, embellished with lush vocal harmonies. 'If I Had A Million' is a solo vox and guitar cut - an incredibly sincere song about what it would mean to Fink and his love if he ever earned a million bucks, while 'Pigtails' features the unique talents of Canadian multi-instrumentalist and ex-Crash Test Dummies member Son of Dave. John Legend returns for another co-write on the menacing 'Maker', before Fink rounds things off with an exemplary cover of Jeff Barry's 70's classic 'Walking In The Sun', stripped right down to basics letting Fink's unique voice shine.

There are very few independent artists who have quietly accomplished such an amazing array of achievements, and judging by this new record, it doesn't seem that Fink - many a music fan's best kept secret - will be a secret for too much longer....

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