Moon Money

Hot Sugar
Moon Money


Released 14/05/2012

Armed with snares made from human bones, kicks fashioned from an ultra-amplified rat’s heartbeat and melodies from the breathing of an 86 year old man covered head to toe in tattoos, New York City’s Nick Koenig aka Hot Sugar has the ability to take even the most obscure found sounds and turn them into some of the most melodious and infectious compositions in electronic music today. Nowhere is that more apparent than on his latest EP, the stunning Moon Money set to drop on Ninja Tune on 14 May.

The ability to record every day sounds, or not so every day when it comes to standing outside in a hurricane to map the sound of the wind to a keyboard, and turn them into catchy, well disguised melodies and rhythms is a musical style Koenig has deemed Associative Music.

And, if Hot Sugar is Associative Music’s founder, then Moon Money may play as its manifesto. From the yearning harmonics and soaring melancholy on "The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp" to the defamiliarised soundtrack to lunacy that is "#Mindcontrol", Koenig’s grasp of melody is ever present and packs a visceral punch.

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There's a Man Waiting At the Bottom of the Stairs
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The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp
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Everybody's Parents Will Die
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The Girl Who Stole My Tamagotchi
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Coconut Powder
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The Choking Game
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