Roses Gabor


Released 17/12/2012

This is the slick debut single from Roses Gabor on Toddla T's label, Girls Music. Roses has already had releases on Digital Soundboy and Young Turks through her collaborations with some of the most respected producers going... Buraka Som Sistema, Shy FX, SBTRKT, Gorillaz and Redlight. 'Stars' is a song for clubs and night bus journeys alike- both contemplative and energetic. The atmospheric and emotive intro gives way to a rumbling bassline and off kilter drum programming. Roses voice is a perfect fit for the warm synths and moody beats which she shakes up with her feisty chopped up vocals. 

B-side 'Night Sky' shows off a more downtempo and RnB sound that brings to mind Cassie or Aaliyah on a London flex. Its's a sultry statement of intent: 'we don't play around, doing what we got to'. From jungle inspired tracks with Shy FX to a brilliant collaboration with renowned masked producer SBTRKT- (their track 'Pharaohs' was a standout track on his debut album) Gabor's textured soulful voice dances across genres and is making the music world stand up and take note. Inspired by hip hop legends and Bjork alike, her vocal expression and personality go hand in hand to make Roses a beautful and talented singer to watch- both 'Stars' and 'Night Sky' justify her growing reputation as a star in her own right.

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