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'As powerful as the music itself, the instinct behind Dolor’s endeavors and his own persistence in barreling forth is finally beginning to coalesce. Highly championed by Brainfeeder artist, Lorn, the Chicago native has recently inked a deal with UK-based label Technicolour 
Misteria opens with ‘Our Number’ a track filled with his trademark mournful synths and harrowing vocals. There’s a journey in this record, it’s deeply personal but open for all to experience. Harrowingly gifted, Dolor’s persona as a musician has been on the rise of late thanks to a mass of self-released material, including innovative collaborations with Lornunder their DRUGS guise. The road has worn on, long and arduous, but music lives in his bones, keeps him moving. He’s shared a nearly-manic stage presence with everyone from The Gaslamp Killer and has put out several now-immortal remixes for The Weeknd; racking up countless nods on Soundcloud alone. With a legion of influences, his seemingly endless range in style and creativity functions as an immediate conduit to a loyal listening base whose blood is still buzzing from the emotional pulse of his work. 

His 'Misteria' EP debuts this Spring and is sure to stop us all cold.'


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