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  • "I mean how can you not pick the Seahawks, unless you live in bawsten"

    Sun Feb 01 16:07:51 2015
  • "@iamDasKapital yeah man. I heard it, it's hot homie, that groove is insane. Cheers homie,"

    Sun Feb 01 06:22:32 2015
  • "Yo this episode of broad city, with homie at the yogurt spot has me crying 😭"

    Sun Feb 01 02:47:29 2015
  • "Been thinking about a burger all day.. Getting ready to devour this meal.. Fuggggg"

    Sun Feb 01 00:30:09 2015
  • "Follow Me on the gram homies... http://t.co/7FZ63DdDvN"

    Sat Jan 31 23:12:51 2015

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