Actio Reactio

Helena Hauff
Actio Reactio


Released 05/08/2013

Artwork by Alex Solman

Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune will release Helena Hauff's debut 12" Actio Reactio on the 5th August 2013.

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a club night called Birds and Other Instruments at the Golden Pudel Club.

Helena's sound as a DJ can't be nailed down as she cuts between genres with ease. Dirty Acid, Chicago, Electro and Wave mixed in an obsessive way, as you can hear on Blackest Ever Black's sub label Krokodilo Tapes, where she released a limited edition mix tape, 'Obscure Object'.   

As a producer this obsessive nature comes across in the intensity of her music.  

Actio Reactio is a mesmerisingly raw record, capturing the essence of Helena's conceptions. She works in an analogue world where most of the tracks are recorded in a single take.   

To complement this release, 'Reaktion' is a mix which showcases the music that she loves and that inspires her.  

"i could explain the name of the record and the tracks, but i don't really wanna. i wanna leave that to the people, i want them to make up their own ideas about it... "  ( Helena Hauff speaking about the release in June 2013 )

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Helena Hauff

Actio Reactio


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Helena Hauff

Actio Reactio

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