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"DJ Kentaro may be a turntablist - a world-beating turntablist, in fact, having taken the DMC World Championship title in 2002 - but that doesn't mean that only spotty geezers in puffas and baseball caps need to look out for him. Because hip hop and scratching represent merely one side of Kentaro's multi-faceted musical persona." - IDJ Magazine

"More than just a technical DJ, Kentaro is a performer, inciting the crowd into a frenzy while titillating the scratch fetishists. Starting with the Roots and winding up with Pharcyde, Wayne Marshall and Sizzla - with cut and juggle excursions through all the other artists from all over the world, hip-hop, reggae, drumn' bass, house, electro and jungle - he slid easily to a second victory." - Blast Magazine

On September 18th 2002, DJ Kentaro (Kentaro Okamoto) re-tried for the DMC World Championship and claimed the title with the first ever perfect score in DMC World history. Dedicating his winning 6 minute set to his "no walls between the music" ethos, DJ Kentaro finally took 2 gold Technics 1200s and a matching Technics DJ mixer to its home country.

Kentaro's blend of hip-hop, breaks, drum & bass and turntablism is untouchable. He is a mad dexterous surgeon, who slices and dices beats into a breathtaking sonic concoction in his Sendai laboratory and at events all over the world. When Kentaro is behind a set of 1200s and a mixer, he's on stage: sometimes he's shy, sometimes he's sassy, but we've never heard him be anything short of absolutely splendid.

Where some turntablists are content to fill their routines with the same ol' thang, Kentaro uses his awesome technique to move beyond the crab scratch and has catapulted drum 'n' bass and dance music into a realm that nobody else has yet to explore. 'My Favorite Songs' - Kentaro's first ever mix CD - stands as a testament to his pioneering vision of melding the mentality of a battler with the street smarts and savvy of the hip-hop elite.

Lauded for years by hip-hop aficionados, Kentaro has won the respect of Japan's 'Hip Hop Best Artists' (tied winner was Eminem) which explains why revered Japanese labels like Endeavor Entertainment, W + Kennedy Tokyo Lab, Artimage and Jazzysport, Undiluted and Virus have presented him with exclusive tracks you won't be able to hear anywhere else. And let's not forget Kentaro's exclusive turntablist cut ups - mind blowing pastiches that are all ahead of its time. Kentaro is moving at the speed of vox. Sleep on his skills and he's gonna leave you in the dust.

DJ Kentaro, number one DJ in the world, and it's just the beginning...

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