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  • "So ima go wallow in self pity and go to sleep. Lol! Na nite Twitterazzi.. Tomorrow is another chance of happiness and change ❤️ use it well"

    Wed Jul 01 21:18:20 2015
  • "Just wandering how u catch a cold in these weather conditions ? Blocked nose , sore throat, and a sly ear ache. God ain't happy with me 😁"

    Wed Jul 01 21:16:16 2015
  • " Bugsie >> v=Ex75np5sCy4&sns=tw via @youtube"

    Wed Jul 01 20:23:26 2015
  • "I actually want it to rain just to cool down and by the time it builds back up? Il have a fan 🍃"

    Wed Jul 01 19:39:24 2015
  • "Bloody el it's humid.I dunno what to do with myself. Tryna look for all the cool spots on the bed and pillows..Can't breathe, nose blocked😨"

    Wed Jul 01 19:37:57 2015

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