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  • "If Capleton comes out that's gonna be a complete madness 😳😳😳"

    Thu Oct 30 11:46:42 2014
  • "#LCPrinciples BAYBEEEEE!!!! Anyway, jumping off the timeline and now it's chill out time. Na nite Twitterazzi 😊😘❤️"

    Wed Oct 29 23:22:32 2014
  • "Life can be like a game of baseball. But hit them curve balls with precision and just a score that home run. It's fine... Then celebrate 😊"

    Wed Oct 29 23:19:40 2014
  • "Looks like a total madness on the plate. But I just needed bare carbs, and dairy .. Jacket pot tuna & cheese"

    Wed Oct 29 23:00:25 2014
  • "@MissMardell @SkinPep1 lucky! I have to for work tbh. So I'm glad when I don't have to wear any. #Free"

    Wed Oct 29 21:41:05 2014

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