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After a busy summer for label honchos Toddla T and Raf Daddy Girls Music readies its 7th release. Following David Heartbreak's Moombahton from the US the Girls stable this time opens its doors to an artist from closer to home.

This is a double header of UK/Afro funky-house jams. Simultaneously channeling DJ Mujava from South Africa and Kerri Chandler from New Jersey, through the mind and ears of an 18 year old lad from Gloucestershire.

Zulu AKA Jago Pearson was turned on to the possibilities of African sounds by all of the "weird world music CD's my parents had around". Hooked on the rhythms of these CD's whilst soaking up all the hip hop and house music that he could, lead to the idea of his Zulu alter ego. But it was BrEaCh's already classic release “Fatherless” that really showed him the effect that these rhythms could have in a club and gave a solid direction for his first musical efforts.

With plenty more up his sleeve Zulu is a name to watch in the coming months. Girls Music is proud to have him aboard.


  • "Str8 from the motor city, next release on Sound Signature http://t.co/YdOCm3yB9E"

    Fri Nov 21 16:04:21 2014
  • "Taken on my phone! Mental http://t.co/NyCNvPx1xK"

    Thu Nov 20 16:17:19 2014
  • "@junkjunkmusic Ey up lad, was in budapest past few days and been off the radar. You about on Friday eve?"

    Wed Nov 19 09:59:43 2014
  • "http://t.co/MFg0RO9lmU"

    Sat Nov 15 22:20:53 2014
  • "@JackiwinKelly The killing of Sri Lankan Stalinist icon Rohana Wijeweera http://t.co/VETfk6id1h via @cfhaviland http://t.co/TG6MXzqmAa”"

    Thu Nov 13 09:59:10 2014

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