Little Bit In Love

Cell Broco
Little Bit In Love


Released 23/09/2013

Little Bit In Love is the perfect introduction to the work of Cell Broco. The twenty two year old Mancunian makes house music like it's supposed to be - sparse, low-slung and funky as fuck.

Not a part of any scene other than Manchester's love of heavy b-lines, glacial synths and jacking hard, Broco not only produces, but sings, too. On "Little Bit In Love" this adds up to a perfect storm of tension and release as Broco sets up a loping groove and repeated refrain before bringing the roof in with the sweetest, most catchy of choruses.

Simple, heartfelt and great to dance to - isn't that what we used to call pop music before the cheese factories took over…? With his music already picking up support from DJs as diverse as BreachDiplo and Two BearsCell Broco just might be your favourite new act of the summer. 

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