Illum Sphere


Released 09/12/2013

Sleeprunner is the first offering from Illum Sphere's debut full-length for Ninja Tune, Ghosts of Then and Now. A sound that's palpably rich with Ryan Hunn's long laboured craft as artist, producer and prolific remixer; Sleeprunner could easily find its place as a soundtrack to a sci-fi adventure. 

It's the perfect glimpse into a deliberate and uncompromisingly conceived full length record; an album in the traditional sense, full of music that couldn’t be more modern, whilst nodding to Hunn's various influences. Zed Bias takes things spacey with his mesmeric dance floor remix of the original, while Illum Sphere ushers us into the deep and darker pockets of his mind with an ominous, dystopian techno re-run.

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