I'm New Here

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X
I'm New Here


Released 10/12/2012

Much more than a man, Jesse Boykins III is his very own movement. Bringing the romance to cutting edge, electronic soul, the young NYC singer has breathed new life into the genre. I'm New Here is the latest single from his full length collaboration with MeLo-X, Zulu Guru.

Coming off like a youthful Outkast meeting D'Angelo on a rainy-but-beautiful London day, it's irreverently referential, soothing and street-tough all at once. If the original wasn't salivating enough, the remixes seal the deal. Jacques Greene further demonstrates his talents with a remix that can only be described as house-blues, or as simply brilliant. The melody bleeds through like sunlight between the clouds, Jesse's vocal all the more beautiful in its sudden exposure. 

Not to be outdone, electronic music's most demented talent Machinedrum does what he does best; bring some fun to the proceedings. With a swing Timbaland would be proud of, he doffs his hat to D'n'B and widens out the melody to an addictive rapture. 

The package is topped off by Yorkshire's very own Ango, whose take on album track "Better for You" is spooky, minimal and atmospheric. It's like a head-clearing walk on a crisp Autumn night.

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The Perfect Blues (feat. Jesse Boykins III) (Machinedrum Remix)
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