Can't Play Dead

The Heavy
Can't Play Dead


Released 19/11/2012

The Heavy return with "Can't Play Dead", a highlight from their recently released 3rd album The Glorious Dead, which demonstrates their unique blend of swamp-soul-hip-hop-rock that is taking the musical world by storm. 

“It feels like the soundtrack to a zombie B-movie,” explains Swaby of a track that aims some well-targeted barbs at the music industry. “There are way too many puppets in this industry now. Real music is getting lost. You have all these shows that make puppets every season, and then you don’t hear about them the next season. [This business] can take you to the grave and spit you out.” 

Over a gargantuan garage rock riff and thumping drums, Swaby once again brings the monster-soul, backing vocals welling up and strings sawing back and forth like the Hammer House orchestra. Melodramatic, ambitious and moreish, it’s yet another reminder that The Heavy stand on their own. 

Most recently the band have been feted for “What Makes A Good Man?” – their huge single, which saw them get only the second ever encore on the Letterman show (they also got the first!), plus appearances on Carson Daly and Craig Ferguson, playlists all over the world and syncronisations all over the shop, including the season finale of “True Blood” and the soundtrack to video game “Borderlands 2.” The track is represented here in a brutal hip hop-soul remix from the one and only Kenny Dope

With their forthcoming UK tour already nearly sold out, The Heavy are ready to bring home some of the mania which meets their appearances in the US. Get the fever.

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