Kid Koala Battle

About the 12 bit Blues Battle Competition

Kid Koala invites all aspiring DJs to create a 2 1/2 minute routine from the 12 bit Blues flexi-disc, which offers 15 blues bits complete with drums, tones, and scratch sounds.


Hey, we're glad you're excited and have so many questions. We've taken them all upstairs to our on retainer turntable contest specialists (what every office doesn't have those?) and they have approved the following clarification. Entrants are allowed to use effects, Serato, Ableton setups, loop pedals, harmonicas, etc - The only hard rule is that you MUST utilize at least ONE COPY of the flexi disc from 12 bit Blues in your routine and the routine MUST solely utilize the audio from the flexi. And when we say "use" we mean use the audio - i.e stapling to your forehead doesn't count!!! So go ahead and record the audio into Serato (or whatever) to create your multiple copies, but one of those decks needs to be rocking the flexi.

Contestants can upload their best single DJ routine video URL below, and successful entries will show up at

The public will vote online using YouTube Likes, narrowing entries to three finalists. From there, a panel of Kid Koala's DJ peers will choose one final winner, whose prize will be a brand new Rane Sixty-Two mixer ($2499 retail value!!)

For those of you feeling extra-curricular, there will be BONUS PRIZES for anyone who's able to somehow work the hand-powered cardboard turntable into their routine, even if just for a few moments.

Deadline for the contest: SATURDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2012 - Good luck!

Brought to you by Ninja Tune and RANE.

Kid Koala Battle