Amon Tobin


Released 15/06/2011

Although it feels almost sacrilegious to take a track out of ISAM and release it as a single, we’re going to have a go. “Surge” is one of the short, sweet, standout moments of a remarkable record. Beautiful and mournful, it sounds a little like two lovers being strafed with dark matter. As Tobin explains, “'Surge' isn't a story or anything, but in the interests of painting a picture it could be about trying to hold the reins on blasts of electrical energy or some such thing - trying to guide it while avoiding getting turned to powder. I think of Tesla with his mad machines doing his best to channel overpowering natural forces into something he can control and utilise.”

First up on the remix tip is none other than… Amon Tobin himself, who in his more Two Fingers guise, ups the beats and the sub-bass for a satisfyingly heavy experience. Labelmate Emika, a long-time admirer of Amon’s work, reinvents the tune as a fragile, almost churchlike experience, her Czech singing delicate but strangely powerful. 16bit take up the last place on the EP turning in a raw, bass-heavy dubstepper which takes us a long way from where we started but in a very satisfying way!

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