We Got More/Moving Glowstream

We Got More/Moving Glowstream


Released 16/05/2011

Brendan Angelides aka Eskmo returns with a new EP following up on his critically-acclaimed and debut album for Ninja, this time he’s invited his friends. 

The original version of “We Got More” (currently tearing up YouTube with almost half a million hits for the Cyriak-directed visuals) is like the evil twin of 80s electro, an epic piece of deadpan with an acid drop of melody. First remix comes from Throwing Snow, the debut artist on the hotly tipped Ho Tep label, who offers some dubstep influenced two-step. Kilon TeK (who won Ninja Tune’s Ape School remix competition) opt for a punishing, brutal space-church headnodder. Dundee’s Loops Haunt then pulls the whole thing to pieces and turns it into a huge fight in a hall of mirrors. 

“Moving Glowstream” is reconfigured by Eskmo ally Amon Tobin. Amon brings some of the aesthetic breakthroughs of his forthcoming “ISAM” album to bear on the tune’s structures. Labelmate Slugabed gives the tune the melodic presence of a manga soundtrack. Newcomer Savile turns it into a sparse, dubbed out house number. All of them somehow keep some of Eskmo’s own unique character. 

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