Temporary External

Temporary External


Released 21/11/2011

Loka, Ninja Tune’s cult psychedelicists, purveyors of cinematic music that disturbs and troubles and intrigues rather than comforts, return with a new album, Passing Place and, to build up to it, the Temporary External EP. Founding member Mark Kyriacou (keyboards, electronics and compositions) is joined by Tom Sumnall (bass), Nikos Papanagiotou (drums) and Eleanor Mante (vocals) to create yet another record which stands completely outside of time, place or fashion. 

“Sam Star” sounds like Broadcast after munching an acid blotter and staring at a Boyle Family light show. “Temporary External” features vocals by Lido Pimienta and Brass layers by the welsh brass band Seindorf Beaumaris Band, comes on like the soundtrack to an anticipatory biopic of Robert Wyatt, made while he was still a school boy and. The 2econd Class Citizen remix of album track “The Sound Stars Make” allows the original’s atmosphere of hazy menace to build for three minutes before hardening up the beats and building to a rhythm-led crescendo. Long term admirer DJ Food, who returns in January 2012 with a long-awaited new album, The Search Engine delivers an epic, percussion-heavy 9-minute remix of "As The Tower Falls," which opens the track out and builds and builds to a horn-led climax... 

Loka is an ever evolving band, drawing on influences from jazz to classical to BBC radiophonic to 60’s psychedelia and much more. With a career on Ninja Tune that dates back to the year 2000 but has resulted in only one album (2006’s critically acclamied Fire Shepherds) the band continues its compelling and innovative journey at its own stately pace. The eagerly awaited second album Passing Place, due for release in November 2011, is beautifully dark and disorientating with haunting vocals and brass interludes.

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