Nowadays Pressure

Nowadays Pressure


Released 07/04/2014

NameBrandSound is the latest incarnation of London music legends IG Culture and Alex Phountzi (Bugz in the Attic) - pioneers of the broken beat scene and were key players in it's flagship night at Plastic People, Co-Op. A beacon for people who wanted to dance to great music, Co-Op was a towering high point of electronic music in the capital.

NameBrandSound’s music thus consists of the influences you might expect; dancehall, ‘80s soul, jungle, juke and house. What emerges, though, is more than the sum of its parts. Nowadays Pressure is a hugely refreshing, invigorated EP of electronic songs. Heavy and light, pummelling and caressing, emotive and tough, this is the sound of masters at work. The pair dub the sound ‘pressure;’ a rough meets smooth aesthetic that injects London’s bass music energy to the spirit of Metalheadz’ D’n’B-with-feeling and Massive Attack’s infectious mood.

"Hip Thruster’s" snaking, compulsive drive is utterly compelling, whilst "Gigolos" dreamier melodies suggest a sunnier urban outlook. "Name Brand Ah Murdah’s" clarion-call vocal and dancehall bounce plays out like a call to arms, whilst "Spell on Me’s" hypnotic groove does just what it promises. Experience counts, and this is gold standard UK music.

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