Banana Skank

Roots Manuva
Banana Skank


Released 21/01/2013

The one and only Rodney Smith aka Roots Manuva returns to the fray with a four track EP displaying a perfect balance between stripped back lyrical goodness and dancefloor crunchiness. The last track on Mr Manuva's acclaimed 2011 album, "4everevolution," "Banana Skank" is here reimagined by WAFA as a hyperkinetic club smasher, all intricate changes of direction and emphasis, but without losing any of the original's joyful reggae pulse. Not be outdone, Smith links up his own sequel to the original, a kind of motoric good trip/bad trip which reminds you yet again what a uniquely talented producer he is. "Party Time" and "Natural" reinforce the point, showcasing the stripped back, icy productions Manuva has been making at his secret Tottenham base over the last year or so. He is joined on both tracks by long time Banana Klan collaborator Kope and together the two trade lines and verses in the best traditions of hip hop, their voices (and imaginations) bouncing off each other in an intertwining stream of consciousness that almost demands to be read across both tracks. 

One of the true pioneers of Black British music, as well as one of its greatest, most maverick talents, Roots Manuva is currently working on a new album, writing an opera, developing a comic book, penning an autobiography and looking after his kids. 

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