Watch Me Dance

Toddla T & Roots Manuva
Watch Me Dance


Released 01/08/2011

As Toddla T prepares to release his second artist album of the same name, Watch Me Dance is the follow up single to the brilliant Take It Back feat. Shola Ama.

This release does not simply feature Roots Manuva on vocals but is more a collaboration between the two producers. In fact, it was Rodney’s original demo that inspired Toddla to mould it into this very version for his album, naturally with Rodney’s stamp of approval.

Continuing work on the demo resulted in Rodney’s own version which will also appear as track two on the single package along with a wealth of remixes including one from Sebastian and the legend that is Andrew Weatherall. The Roots Manuva version will also feature on his fifth studio album, 4everevolution later in the year.

This unique release displays the different interpretations borne from the same demo and displays the mutual appreciation between these two highly respected and innovative UK artists.

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Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva) (Radio Edit) (Toddla T)
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Watch Me Dance (Radio Edit) (Roots Manuva)
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Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva) (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Toddla T)
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Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva) (Sebastian Remix) (Toddla T)
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Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva) (Heartbreak Remix) (Toddla T)
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Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva) (SX Remix) (Toddla T)
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