Stigmata (Single)

Tre Mission
Stigmata (Single)


Released 16/05/2014

Amidst a resurgence in grime generally, Tre Mission stands out as one of the genre’s most exciting new stars. A Canadian MC and producer who’s paid his dues via numerous bouts in London, he honed his craft under the watchful gaze of the UK’s most inventive musical maverick, WileyTre invests grime’s visceral thrill with a startlingly cerebral depth, his lyrics ranging over subjects as diverse as childhood, morality, love and death. His production emphasises beauty as much as grime’s thunderous bass brutality, effortlessly expanding the music’s capacity. "Stigmata" is a perfect example of what makes Tre a voice worth hearing. Driven by gripping, urgent drums, a textural, nostalgic melody and a yearning chorus by cohort, Thes, it’s the title track for his debut album."Stigmata" tells you everything you need to know about Tre Mission, a young artist who’s about to push the whole scene forward.

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