Evolve or be Extinct b/w Skanking - The 2 Bears Remix

Evolve or be Extinct b/w Skanking - The 2 Bears Remix


Released 16/04/2012

Introducing Wiley’s new double-A side single, featuring two of the finest tracks from what has widely been held to be the Godfather of Grime’s best album yet. 

Title track “Evolve Or Be Extinct” is one for the grimerati – 88 straight bars of unadulterated flow, jokes, boasts, observation and metaphor from one of the most recognisable, rhythmically-sophisticated and straight up fucking marvellous MCs the UK has ever produced. With a simple, beautifully executed video already racking up the views and plaudits on YouTube and beyond, this should keep the brethren happy for a little while. 

“Skanking” on the other hand, takes one of the funniest moments from the Evolve Or Be Extinct album and, in the hands of the marvellous 2 Bears, turns it into dancefloor gold. An ode to letting go to the music from the comfort of your bedroom, the 2 Bears take the quirks of the original and transform them into the catchiest, most rock solid piece of hip-house you’ve heard in decades – and yeah, we are including “Boom Blast” in that! 

Two more fantastic examples of why Wiley remains one of the most mercurial, versatile, talented and straight-up superb musical artists in the UK right now.

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