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Hint is one man, alone, in his portakabin in the deepest Sussex countryside, looking out the window, and looking deep inside, to make some very beautiful music.

Otherwise known as Jonathan James, Hint's musical tastes have gone through various transformations over his brief 23 years on the planet. From full on drum and bass to hip hop, soul to funk, and electronica to post rock, it all went in one ear and out the other as our boy finished his degree at Leicester University, and went straight, as all graduates worth their salt do, into working in a record shop.

Coming to our attention via what is, in the Leicester underground, still known as 'the best mixtape ever', Hint began to rock Leicester's minuscule nitespots, whilst secretly harbouring desires to own an MPC. Through a mixture of blood, sweat, and teas, the sampler was saved for and purchased, and was swiftly joined by Hint's hitherto hidden musical talents on the keyboard, guitar, and bass.

After Hint and cynical hack Joe90 spent many a DJ car journey to Leeds listening to his first efforts, whereupon 90, after being practically reduced to tears by the ramshackle joy of ruralbeat, told him he'd be famous one day, Hint was introduced to the newly formed Leicester label Deep Water Recordings.

'Count Your Blessings', the standout track on Deep Water's inaugral various artists EP, appeared, to be swiftly followed by 'The Beau Selector EP', which garnered eclectic single of month in Ministry, and a Peel Session. Imagine that.

At this point the finely tuned ears of Bristol's Hombre Recording's pricked up, as Hint literally gave up the day job, moved back to Sussex, and set up his studio in the portakabin to make some lovely noise.

Unable to resist the beguiling draw of Hint's new found 'rural beat', Hombre offered him a new home, and its there that he now musically resides. With debut 10" 'The Look Up', and follow up single 'Count Your Blessings' now out his debut album is completed in it's full laidback glory, due for release early 2003

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